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Armed Forces Save 20% With Hendy Ford

If you serve, you save at Hendy Ford Store.


If you are currently serving or a veteran, you can make the most of fantastic savings on Ford Models.

For over 30 years, Hendy Ford have been proudly dedicated to providing civilians and Military and Diplomatic personnel with the facility to buy competitively priced vehicles.

See information below for more details, or contact your local Hendy Dealership to find out more.


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Military and Diplomatic Tax Free Sales

You can buy a vehicle free of UK VAT if you are:


Military Tax Paid Sales

We also provide additional support to military personnel for tax paid sales. You can apply to buy a Ford car with additional support if you are a full time serving member, retiree or veteran of HM Forces, based in the UK


Non-military Tax Free Sales eligibility

You can buy a vehicle free of UK VAT if you intend:


Terms and Conditions apply to all offers on new Ford vehicles under the Hendy Forces discount. Offers and pricing only available to serving members and veterans of the armed forces (Navy, Army, RAF and Royal Marines).