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Finance Lease

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is an excellent option if you want fixed monthly rentals, and do not need to own the vehicle.

With a Finance Lease, you pay fixed monthly rentals. At the end of the lease, the sales proceeds are repaid to you as a rebate of rentals. We can help you to reduce your monthly rentals by agreeing an anticipated future value on the vehicle (known as balloon rental).

Features & Benefits

  • Repayment periods can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
  • Ability to tailor the final rental to suit your budget
  • Rentals are allowable against profits reducing your tax liability
  • All of the VAT paid on rentals is recoverable for commercial vehicles
  • 50% of the VAT paid on rentals is recoverable for cars where there is any private use of the vehicle
Initial Outlay 3 or 6 months rentals in advance
Contract Length Decided by you (max. 60 months)
Monthly Costs Fixed
Final Lump Sum Payment Available
Depreciation Risk Normal
Ability to take profit on resale Yes
Eventual Ownership No