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Customer Service at Hendy Ford Southampton provided to Mr Hill


I am writing to tell you about some wonderful service I have received from your employees in your hendy Ford Southampton branch. 

I bought a used Ford KA from Hendy Ford Southampton in 2015 as my first car, it has had a few teething problems, but no more than one would expect from a secondhand car. One of the major frustrations for us both has been the hand brake and I want you to know that every time I have had to bring it in both Stacy and Graham have gone out of their way to help. I really feel that they both go above and beyond the service that I would have received from other companies. I was given service that is much more the type that I would expect from a luxury car company.

I have thanked them myself, but I feel there is so much sub standard service in general that this really needs bringing to your attention. 

You have two exceptional members of staff in Southampton; I hope you look after them. I am seriously considering Ford for my next car purchase, as I have been treated so well, and made to feel like a valued customer. 

Yours faithfully

Mr Joshua Hill